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What happened to my fitness instagram?

I wrote this at 2:47 am, on the 29th of January this year. I wanted to shed light on why i've been absent on my fitness instagram, and I wanted to share what my next steps are. 

Being an Au Pair in Australia

Well... it's been a little while! I've been busy working! As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I moved to Sydney to work as an Au Pair, and I've been doing just that! It's been one hell of a routine here and I'm basically busy from 7 am in the morning to 8 pm at night, sometimes later even! I thought I'd update you guys a little on the area I'm in and how my work as an Au Pair is going for me... 

I graduated... now what?

Yesterday I walked across the Majestic Theatre stage to receive my Associate's degree. My first degree, and now I can proudly say I'm a college graduate! But knowing me, I'll want to keep studying or I'll want to go on another adventure... which is exactly what I'm doing!

Hello 2019!

Happy New Year! or... Gelukkig Nieuwjaar as we say in Dutch. I hope your holidays were well celebrated and spent with loved ones. For me, it was a few weeks off in good ol' New York City. I originally had zero plans to do anything for Christmas or even New Years Eve. My dad and I decided that I would stay in New York so that he is able to come to my Graduation in April. One of the exciting things happening this year! Small warning; Long post! But please take the time to read all of it :)

Dabbling in Photography

I have always enjoyed taking photos. Whether it's with a DSLR or my phone, or even a disposable camera. I am just a fan of having photos of memories that I loved in the moment, and to be able to look back on them way later reminiscing. I have always been surrounded by camera's since I can remember, my dad is a big fan of photography himself. Before my Canon, I had a Nikon camera. Both camera's were passed down to me by dad whenever he'd upgrade, so I had a resource to start photography at all times. 

Welcome to Singapore!

So... it's been a while since I last posted. I was in New York when I created this blog, with lots of plans of what to post about and what to share with all of you. Then quite last minute, I decided to go home for the summer. I felt stuck in NY and wanted to get out. Mental Health is very very important and should not be shrugged off like it's nothing, so I decided to take care of myself and get out. Now I have mentioned before that Singapore is home to me, but a lot of people don't actually know a lot about the country! So here I am to help you out, a little guide to the country I consider home. 

...To finishing my first year! (part two)

Where did I leave off? Right, being accepted! Time to make a move (Literally and Figuratively!) 

Taken by: Elisa Hendriks

From auditioning for AADA... (part one)

So you're looking to audition for acting school? I say do it! Acting school has definitely changed me as a whole. My view on the craft has changed, specially on the amount of work that goes into it. As a person, I will definitely say i'm way different than I was back in September (when I started). But, I am very very grateful for the change that has happened.

May 20th, 2017.